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MSPCA Shout-Outs (6)

I haven't done this in a while, so I have two shout-outs to make this week!  The two kitties I'm talking about this time have been in the shelter for a while, and they're both older girls, over 9 years old.  First up:

Here's Baby!  Like I said, she's been here for a while and she's over 9 years old.  But she's a sweetie.  She's a volunteer favorite.  Baby is such a sweetheart who loves attention and to be petted.  She's a pretty easy-going girl, so I hope she finds a good home soon.

And this is Duffy. At twelve-years-old, she's my favorite.  If I thought the little monster (AKA: Toki) could handle her, I'd totally take her home.  She's an absolute sweetie who loves a good cuddle.  Even though she's an older cat, she wants attention and love.  She loves to be scratched and petted.  Someone, take her home so I don't come home from college with an unexpected surprise for my parents.