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MSPCA Shout-Outs! (1)

Well, the Shiba hunt hasn't been going to well.  I haven't seen many Shibas around lately, and I haven't been home in a while so I don't have any updates for here on my sweet little boy.  Instead, I thought I'd do something else that I think is really important.  I'm going to do MSPCA adoption shout-outs.  I know that not that many people read this, I don't expect too many people to be reading.  However, what I want is for the few people who do read it to tell the people they know about the shout-outs and hopefully those people will tell the people that they know....  What I want is for the guys that I'm shouting out about to get adopted, because all of the animals at the MSPCA need and deserve to have homes.

I adopted Toki...well, Toki adopted me.  I'd like to think that he is happy and has a good home.

But it breaks my heart to go into the MSPCA week by week and see all of the animals there.  Some of the sweetest ones are still there, have been there the longest.  So I'd like to talk about some of the animals that we have that need homes and to hope that someone out there will read this or will hear about this and will know that one of the animals I talk about is exactly what they're looking for.

So for this post, I'm going to talk about Spot, the bunny.  He is by far my favorite rabbit, and if I thought that Toki would be able to handle living with a rabbit, I wouldn't hesitate to take Spot home.  Unfortunately, Toki doesn't like to share, and definitely would not like to share with a rabbit that looks a lot like one of the toys he's chewed up in the past.

This is Spot.  He is, quite honestly, the sweetest bunny we have right now at the MSPCA, and like I've mentioned he's my favorite.  He is a friendly, curious little guy who has been with us for quite a while.  He loves his veggies and will take them right out of your hand if you give him the chance.  He is happy to be petted, will come right up to you, and will jump all over you if you give him the chance.  He is a loveable little boy who has been waiting for a long time for his forever home.  Much as I love seeing him and playing with him every week at the MSPCA, I want to walk in and not see him there.  I want him to find a home and I hope he finds one soon.


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Dec. 17th, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Spot has been adopted and finally has his forever home. <3
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